welcome to my sketchbook.

Sketching is my favorite tool for communicating ideas and telling stories. This page is an attempt to keep me practicing and posting some of my free training. I love sketching cars, concept art, and super-heroes, so you will see a bunch of these stuff around here.

THU Golden Ticket Challenge - Desirable Future

I decided to join my first concept art challenge - the THU Golden Ticket Challenge. The task was to imagine our inner child in a future set in 40 years from now.
So this is my final entry. I wanted the central emotion of the scene to be very human. To me, despite all the advanced technology, I imagine a future where kids will still go outside and play traditional outdoor games, jump around, build things with cardboard, and have contact with nature. And tech would just enhance those experiences.
Cities will have a lot of parks and trees, green buildings, sustainable transportation solutions, and holograms and mixed-reality bringing fun to the real world.
It was a really fun process trying to compose all these pieces together into one single image. :)


And here are some composition studies. Wish I had explored more, but I ended up joining the competition just a few days missing for the deadline.

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Concept art training

I’ve been learning a lot these past weeks in ArtStation Masterclasses. Great to see so many techniques from different concept artists that have a lot of experience in the film industry. More and more I see value in bringing this knowledge to the world of design to create compelling stories and experiences. And also really fun! This painting I tried to apply many of these techniques that I have been learning.

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