One-X is a nutritional biosensor that brings instant biofeedback on the antioxidant level to improve nutritional and lifestyle habits. It's a startup company made of a team of specialists from all over the world, composed by physicians, researchers, engineers and developers.

I was responsible for product design, branding and packaging.

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Research has proven that an unhealthy lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity, faster aging and most chronic diseases. Their prevalence has rapidly increased over the last 30 years. The key underlying mechanism is called oxidative stress and is gaining greater medical attention.

To combat this oxidative stress, our body has an antioxidant defense network made of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and critical compounds such as carotenoids and flavonoids. The lack of this network defense can be related to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.








To make people live a heathy lifestyle, the startup company One X created a technology which can collect data of the antioxidant level from your body and give you recommendations based on your lifestyle habits to supply this network defense.

When the startup came to me, they had a rough prototype with the technology embedded in a black box. There were already some products in the market that measure antioxidants, but the key innovation was about the size and the price of the technology. Products like this are really big and very expensive. Together with engineers and specialist from all over the world, they were able to make it very compact and really affordable for people, and also evolve the accuracy of the process. 




Based on this technology, my task was to transform that black box into a compact, ergonomic and intuitive product. It was really important to communicate simplicity and be user friendly.

I also help to developed the graphic design and packaging for the crowdsourcing campaign.  





During the process, different shapes and sizes were tested in a polyurethane physical model. In this way, I was able to refine and test new shapes so the product would become more ergonomic and easy to use.  








One X is on Indiegogo for its crowdfunding campaign.




oxidative stress infographic: icon created by Jens Tärning from the Noun Project