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Danilo Saito
(Freelance project)



Fast Company



One X



2016 - 2017

One X

Your health in the palm of your hand


The challenge

One-X is a nutritional biosensor that brings instant biofeedback on the antioxidant level to improve nutritional and lifestyle habits. It's a startup made of a team of specialists from all over the world, composed of physicians, researchers, engineers, and developers.

When they came to me, they had the technology on hands in a rough prototype and the goal to launch a crowdfunding campaign. So my task was to transform that rough early-stage prototype into a user-friendly product, as well as the logo and packaging design.


The outcome

A concept of a simple and user-friendly product materialized into a physical model for the crowdfunding campaign, as well as the logo and packaging design.

The Indiegogo campaign was successful, achieving more than double of its initial goal.




Understanding the tech

As it was an area that I'm not familiar with, I had to first understand what the technology is about and what makes it so unique. So here is a quick explanation:

Research has proven that an unhealthy lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity, faster aging, and most chronic diseases. Their prevalence has rapidly increased over the last 30 years. The key underlying mechanism is called oxidative stress and is gaining greater medical attention.

To combat this oxidative stress, our body has an antioxidant defense network made of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and critical compounds such as carotenoids and flavonoids. The lack of this network defense can be related to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

To make people have a healthy lifestyle, the company developed this technology which can collect the antioxidant level data from your body and give you recommendations based on your lifestyle habits to supply this network defense.

There were already some products in the market that measure antioxidants, but the key innovation was the size and the price. Products like this are really big and very expensive. Together with engineers and specialist from all over the world, they were able to make it very compact and really affordable for people, and also evolve the accuracy of the process. 



Ideation process

Having a clear understanding of the technology and what were the main product requirements, I started the ideation process. 

First, I made a research to get some references to build moodboards of what aspirational forms, shapes, and products I could look at as inspiration. Then, pen and paper are always the best tools to start the creative process. I always begin with an open-mind ideation to explore many different alternatives before I go into Photoshop or 3D modeling. Just when I feel I can go a little bit deeper into the details, I start a cross-tool exploration (paper-photoshop-rendering cycle over and over again) to refine the solutions.

One key part in this process was to work with a rough-polyurethane prototype to explore different shapes on hand. In this way, I was able to test the ergonomics and refine the size and fit until I got the best user-friendly form-factor.



Final design

The result is a user-friendly and easy-to-use device to track your antioxidants level on your body and give you recommendations in an app of what you can do to improve your nutritional and lifestyle habits.

The fingerprint sensor on the top recognizes the user and connects to his personalized data. It measures your antioxidant levels by placing your hand for 20 seconds on the device. The spherical-shape makes the handling comfortable and the oval curvature intuitive for the user. Two LED shapes - both in the front and on the side - gives feedback for the user about progress-tracking and instructional signs.