We wanted to design a toy in which children would have more aware of processes of production of things and create a conscious that products can be done by many different ways - and the way market and advertisements sell to us is not necessary the best and only way to produce things.




To tack the problem, we decided to work with recyclable toys. 

Studies have shown that children creating their own toys by recycling materials provides a good learning process. Children learn how to make choices and decisions, and discover new ways to do the same thing. They can learn to manipulate different materials and how to be creative.

But recyclable toys have always the same look. They all look a pet or a can with colorful scotch tape to mask what it really are and pretend that it’s a cool toy. Children don't see the true value in their creation.




So we came up with the "Fizo" project. "Fizo" it's pun of words in portuguese which means "I made", so combining with a substantive we have "I made the car, truck, tractor, etc".

The idea is to provide to children a different look at recycled toys, with a better building experience and a cool final result. To do so, we design a simple kit with a few pieces for building a toy car. It's composed basically by a platform, a cabin and wheels and a manual of what additional materials you can look for at home. By picking up these materials and following the instructions, the kids are able to build by themselves a car, a truck, a tractor, or any other vehicle they want.