Founded in february 2013, Cool Times is a game studio located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

They believe that there is a kind of game for everyone and their mission is to develop games that are part of people's life through a positive experience. They develop games for entertainment to general public and educational for schools and companies.

The task was to redesign the brand and develop the visual identity.



image-fascinating-images-from-outer-space-update-dec_4958696 copy.jpg



The old logo doesn't express the values and vision of Cool Times.





The new brand should be simple and minimalist, therefore atemporal, referring to creation of solutions that will be durable and undated. It should be smart, expressing all the values and vision of Cool Times in a simple and outstanding form. 

The game market in Brazil is not established and acknowledge, so the brand has to convey trust and security, but be also subtly fun.



As the logo is really simple, it provides endless possibilities of applications. The brand now combines with many different aesthetics and contexts, and a lot of plays are possible.



In the stationery, the brand becomes really sober and modern, conveying trust and security.