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"The Ten Faces Of Innovation" by Tom Kelley

I'm a huge fan of the innovative way of thinking of Ideo. I've already read the book 'Design Thinking' by Tim Brown, and I was truly inspired. And now 'The Ten Faces Of Innovation' by Tom Kelley is another piece that describes a lot of examples of how to make your organization more creative and innovative. Because innovation is not a fact that happens unconsciously in an inspired day, but a culture you grow in your organization and in all members of your team to make them think out of the box. Making them "being innovation" rather than merely "doing innovation". 

Recently I read an article talking about 5 myths about Apple design, and one of them was that Apple has the best design team in the world. The myth about it is that they don't have the best team, but a strong culture of innovation inside the company, making everyone - and not only the designers - thinking in a creative and in a innovative way. In this way, they are always thinking in new ways and designing new products that help to improve people's life.

One thing that I liked a lot in the book is that Tom Kelly - and also Tim Brown in his book - describes a lot of examples in how different companies found their way of being innovative. This shows that they find inspiration and they learn how to be innovative in any different places. Places that you have never stopped to think that was a big innovation. And the number of examples that Kelly shows in the book is really impressive, and truly inspirational.

Now in my work I'm always thinking in how can I inspire people to be more creative, and how can I make the process more innovative and more collaborative, always trying to awaken the 'personas' inside each member of the team. "The Ten Faces Of Innovation" is a book that everyone should read, and truly inspirational for anyone who wants to make your team or organization more creative and innovative.

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