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My work as a Creative Planner

It's been a while that i'm intending to write about my work at The Marketing Store as my new position as a Creative Planner. For those who don't know, The Marketing Store is a company that makes promotional products, attending clients like Mondelez, Shell, McDonald's, Top Cau, Johnson&Johnson, Ambev, Unilever, among others. I worked for 2 years as an intern in Creative department, and then I left to join the Global Drive Project - a project in partnership with TUM (Technische Universität München) and USP (Universidade de São Paulo) to develop a project in 8 months about the theme of Sustainable Mobility.

After I finished the project, I returned to the company intending to work just for 3 months to cover my friend Lucas from the creative team. He went to Chicago to do a exchange program inside The Marketing Store called Desk Swap. As he told us when he returned, we could see that it was an amazing experience, and he returned sharing a lot of ideas that we could improve our creative process here in Brazil. This experiences in other countries and having contact with other cultures improves a lot our knowledge and our way to see the world, and it's an opportunity that everybody should take.

As I started working in beginning of july in the creative team, I received an offer to work in Planning department. It was an opportunity for me to have a different experience, and see the projects from a different perspective, with a more macro view. As a planner, my work is more thinking in strategies and lead the creative team than put my hands on the job. What I want and what i'm trying to do is to make the whole team - creatives, planners, engineers and others - to work together collaboratively, where everybody is part of the whole process - from planning and thinking strategies to sharing ideas in brainstorming and creating the products. I think only in this way we can have a workspace more innovative and creations with more quality.

We finished now the first job that I lead as a planner and I was pretty happy because, despite all the rush, we could implement a lot of different methods that made the whole work more collaborative. Our brainstormings become more visual and a process - not only one meeting - where everybody could share ideas without judgment so that later we could - by putting all the ideas on the wall so that everyone could see everyday - discuss and rethink the the concepts all the time. This made our work and our ideas evolve a lot, and a process where everybody could participate and share their thoughts. 

I hope we continue evolving and the whole creative process become more and more collaborative and innovative.

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