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1st Place | Talento Volkswagen Design 2014

And yesterday was one of the best days in my life. After almost 7 months developing the project for the "Talento Volkswagen" competition, I won the 1th place! The winners win an internship at Volkswagen and a trip to Germany to visit the Frankfurt Auto Show and to visit the Volkswagen Design Studio in Wolfsburg. 

We had to present our project in 15 minutes to all the design team and a lot of executives and directors from Volkswagen. It was a quite a pressure in the moment, but I managed to stay calm and the whole presentation flowed ok. Now it's a new phase in my life that begins and a new opportunity for me to improve my learning and live new experiences in the automotive industry.

A lot of opportunities came to me this year, and I wish that I could embrace all of them. I'm in a moment in my life that I feel that I need to live as much experiences that I can, and every opportunity is a new way to improve my knowledge. Win this competition has always been my dream, and now I feel I will live a lot of new experiences as a designer at Volkswagen. I hope to improve a lot my learning and my skills in this journey!

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